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The most widely accepted standards for the testing of vapour recovery systems are those set by the Air Resources Board (sometimes called CARB) at The MassTech International Ltd test procedures are based on these standards.

Current CARB TP201.3 test requires the site to be non-operational, without a tanker, all nozzles in the holster and with 2 inches pressure applied. MassTech’s VeRTeX™ tests the site in its normal operating conditions, indeed the site needs to be operating normally. The system is patented worldwide.

VeRTeX™ comprises a series of tests covering the integrity and operational aspects of Stage I b and Stage 2 vapour recovery systems including: (as required)


  1. The integrity testing of all pipework including vents, manifolds, vapour return pipes and hoses.
  2. Integrity testing of fill pipes.
  3. Leak testing of all valves.
  4. Performance testing of all valves including pressure vacuum valves, vapour connection point valves and pressure relief valves.
  5. Performance confirmation of all Stage II nozzle pumps.
  6. Flow rate measurement of vapour returning to road tanker during filling operations.
  7. Full road tanker testing.


As with all MassTech tests, all data is automatically recorded for professional analysis and subsequent review if required. Nothing is left to the opinion of a technician or to the position of a dial.


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