Training is generally thought of as being the procedural training of technicians but it should be given a very much wider definition.  The advantages of the technology in serving the client’s needs must be understood in order that marketers can guide the client through the decision process.  Other aspects of running a business will be equally affected.

Managerial training

The first to benefit from training will be the management of the business and this is normally achieved by a prospective licensee’s management team (or a representative of it), visiting an operating licensee for 1-3 days.  Such an investment is crucial in deciding whether there is a good match of technology, interest, chemistry etc.


Technician training

The timing of technician training is important.  If it is done too early, there will be a delay before the market starts and the technician may well have forgotten much he has learned and the licensee will have suffered an unnecessary cash flow gulf.  An ideal situation would be for technicians to return home with fee earning work ready to go.  As with the managerial team, training is best carried out in the environment of a working licensee.  Technician training starts in the classroom for 1-3 days and then moves out into the field accompanying and working with an experienced technician.  A formal examination follows and the technician is individually certified by MassTech International for a period of two years after which recertification is required.

To reinforce this training, licensees receive feedback of technician and equipment performance on every single test result – a factor unique in our industry.  If there should be any specific training issues, analysts will be able to guide the licensee or indeed the individual technician.


Equally new situations may arise and specific training may be required before or even during a test and a simple telephone call is all that it usually takes.  Support is always available 24 hours a day.

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