Tank Test Service for Diesel, Chemical, Petrol and Storage Tanks

Why would I be interested in tank testing?

You should only be interested if:

  • You own or manage or fund or have a commercial or other interest in a property which operates a petrol, diesel or chemical tank (or pool) with lines and a pumping or other feed system or which might have a disused tank system underground
  • You are selling or buying such a site
  • You are thinking of becoming involved in such a site
  • You are a close neighbour of such a site


When should I be interested in tank testing?

You should be most interested when:

  • You first take full or partial operational and/or financial responsibility for the tanks and lines for example when the site is new or refurbished.
  • You are about to relinquish operational and/or financial responsibility
  • You have an indication either from human senses, from a monitoring system or elsewhere that you could be losing stock or gaining water.

What is tank testing?

Storage tank testing and associated line testing is the way of proving the integrity of the system. There are no others.


What options do I have apart from tank testing?

If you need a system certified, there are no options.  If you want to monitor the health of the installation day to day, there are many - ask us. If you think you may have a problem, check tanks for water and have the calibration of the pumps checked before testing tanks or lines.


How do I choose a tank test?

Good tank tests will challenge all parts of the tank and associated lines and provide either an unassailable certificate of health or quantitative evidence of a problem with advice as to how to cure it. If you choose a test from the nwglde.org web site, there will be no comebacks but if you do not you might be asked to get confirmation of your result from a test which is on the list. A good tank testing company should ensure that you not only do all to protect the environment and your own cash but that you are seen to be doing this proactively.

And what if I don’t do tank testing?

You could be losing money in the following ways:

  • Giving it away to customers
  • Losing it into the ground
  • Damaging clients vehicles by supplying contaminated fuel
  • Paying for clean up costs with damages
  • Or you could just be jeopardising your peace of mind.

Tank Testing

Tank test being carried out in Thailand, showing minimal disruption to the Gas Station.

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