Road & Rail Tanker Testing

MassTech International’s tank, line and valve testing methodologies can be applied to road and rail tanker testing bringing the benefits of globally-recognized certification, an audit trail and third party analysis to an industry which has historically relied on technicians reading a dial and making manual records.


Since testing may be carried out on a client’s own site, it is important that equipment is intrinsically safe. MassTech International’s engineers developed equipment specifically with such requirements in mind.



In the UK, MassTech licensees can conduct a full road tanker inspection and test (covered in the UK by the CDG 2007 regulations), including EPRV valves tested in situ using their proprietary test unit (patent pending) against their approved written scheme of examination. In the UK, they have UKAS accreditation (No. 311) as a Type A Inspection Body – see under Accreditation Bodies (Inspection Bodies) for the full scope, and visit under Tank Inspection Bodies. For more details see

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