Monitor SIR System

For more than 10 years, Monitor has been serving the worldwide petroleum industry with one of the most reliable and accurate systems available.  Hand in hand with high precision tank and line testing, this reconciliation technology has been responsible for early detection and repair of hydorcarbon releases and for the identification of expensive calibration losses.

Leighton O’Brien’s Monitor SIA (Statistical Inventory Analysis) was certified to US EPA by KWA in December 1995 to 0.19 lt/hr.  The system has been in continual operation for 11 years and is currently providing environmental security on the following continents: America, Asia, Africa and Australasia and is poised to enter Europe.  Its customers include:


  • ExxonMobil
  • Caltex
  • Shell
  • BP
  • Woolworths/Safeway
  • United Petroleum
  • Engen (South Africa)


The system was developed by former Shell engineers, Steve O’Brien and Reed Leighton in Melbourne who have gone on to grow the technology and its markets through a system of licensing.  

Monitor is based on a strong partnership between the customer, Leighton O’Brien and the licensee.  The data input to the system is provided by the customer and is no more than the daily reconciliation readings of sales, deliveries and tank dips required by good practice and, frequently, by law.  From that point on, dedicated experts take over using the Monitor statistical engine to produce an authoritative report.  Normally these confirm the health of the site to an unimpeachable standard.  Occasionally they show that data inputs need to be improved and helpful monitor staff and their licensees work with the customer to raise standards.  Even rarer, the Monitor report may indicate early signs of a problem and, again, the local Monitor team works with the customer to get a resolution to the problem before it becomes a more serious or chronic problem.

Monitor provides peace of mind and to the outside world, and actually, represents the most prudent and responsible form of environmental protection.  It requires no capital outlay and commonly obviates the requirement for periodic tank testing.


Worldwide Customers

BPEssoExon MobileMobilSainsburyShellTesco

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