Knowledge & Experience

The keys to success in MassTech International‘s industry are know how and experience, part of which we contribute and part comes from the licensee.  As a front-runner, we know a great deal about tank and line testing and tank and pump calibration.

MassTech International’s knowledge and experience

MassTech International‘s scientists, engineers and technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are often called upon to disseminate their knowledge to the industry they serve.  Some of their staff have worked with competitive technologies, some have created new ones, often bringing innovations and ideas from other industries.  It is doubtful whether there is any area of tank and line technology in which they do not have a significant contribution.


In addition, MassTech International is run by qualified business professionals allowing us to advise clients on how to promote and operate a tank and line testing and calibration franchise.


Licensee’s knowledge and experience

A licensee who already has a reputation for good service has a head start even over someone with tank and line testing experience but without a reputation.  The essential knowledge includes: fluency as a native speaker; knowledge of the local laws and regulations necessary to allow tanks and lines to be tested; knowledge of the important local market and way to approach it.  Detailed knowledge and experience of installation and maintenance of tanks and lines is highly desirable and former fitters often make excellent tank testers.  Knowledge of particular tank and line testing systems is much less important and computer literacy, though desirable, is not essential either.


The combined action of MassTech and Licensee’s knowledge and experience

The combination of, rather than the duplication of, the above factors provides a powerful mix in support of the local client.  Whilst it is often the reputation and certification of MassTech International that produces sales, it is the local licensee who is the human face of MassTech.  The licensee has however all the technical and support resources of MassTech behind everything he does.  Every single test for example is conducted by the licensee but analysed by MassTech.  If a result is challenged, a very rare event, MassTech engineers either support the local licensee or take on the solution of the problem directly.  Our support is real and tangible.


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