Water/Contamination Detection

Intelligent Dip Rod

The MassTech Intelligent Dip Rod (IDR) is principally for measuring fuel level but it has a patented feature in that it can detect water, crossovers and other forms of contamination, even in suspension.  The device is simple, mechanical and easy to use without training.

How it works

The IDR is effectively a rigid stainless ruler of 2500mm length housing a clear tube with a valve at its foot.  When the dip rod is resting on the tank floor, the valve is open and liquid from the floor of the tank enters to fill the tube until there is a balance of hydrostatic pressure at the valve.  On lifting the IDR, the valve closes automatically preventing the release of its contents.


If the liquid is homogeneous throughout, the tube fills to the wetted level on the ruler, rendering it easy to read.  However, if the liquid at the tank floor is denser than the average in the tank, the level in the tube will stop well short of the wetted level on the ruler indicating a contaminant, most commonly water.


The tube not only indicates the presence of the contaminant, but also contains a sample of it, which can be emptied into a vessel for analysis.  This is achieved by inverting the tube, and when ready, pressing the valve actuating pin to release the contents.


Features of the MassTech Intelligent Dip Rod

The main output from the system is a fuel level measurement and a confirmation that there is or is not contamination of the fuel by water, by crossover etc, even in suspension.  With ethanol being introduced into modern fuels, water in suspension will be an increasing problem.  The features of the IDR are:


Calibrated in height (mm) so that only one IDR is required per site together with strapping tables for each tank (if the IDR is to be used for inventory).

  1. Calibrated in 5mm marks for optimum readability
  2. Entraps a sample of the contaminant
  3. Can identify contamination even in suspension
  4. Made of stainless steel and so spark-proof and rustproof.
  5. All parts fully interchangeable without skill
  6. Patented


Advanced Features of the MassTech Intelligent Dip Rod

There is, and will be, an increasing tendency for micro-organisms to live and grow in storage tanks and lines and it is the use of bio-fuels, alcohols and ethanols which encourage their promotion.  The effects range from blocking the lines at the filters, to contaminating the contents of the tank.  The intelligent dip rod takes a sample from the tank floor that can be dispensed into a clear vessel for inspection or subsequent analysis.  One test of ongoing microbial action can be made on site.  Comparative pH tests of the sample made initially and then 30 minutes later should indicate live microbial action which can be confirmed by subsequent analysis.

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