How to become a MassTech Licensee

Most MassTech International licensees are small, dedicated companies sometimes with other products and services in their repertoire.  Not all had previous experience of tank testing but all had detailed experience of retail petroleum and more than half were created as start ups.  Ours is not an easy business but if handled well can prove challenging and rewarding.


A MassTech International licensee: knows a key part of the local industry and has earned a reputation for integrity within it; has the resources to employ and train test technicians, equip vehicles, and fund and manage the promotion and cash flows of the business; has the technical resources to understand the issues.



A MassTech International licensee takes the responsibility for ensuring that MassTech International’s products and services are qualified to be used in the territory.  If this cannot be ascertained it is probably that the business will be unsuccessful and should not be undertaken.   A licensee will also be responsible for upholding the high reputation of MassTech at one end of the scale to the loss of or damage to the equipment at the other.


MassTech International Support

A new MassTech International licensee will go to the territory of their choice for training, part in class and part in the field.  In exchange for a modest annual territorial license fee, the licensee will be provided with equipment with which to perform tests in his/her own territory.  The licensee will be registered on the MassTech International website and will receive the benefits of so being.


The first steps

Prospective licensees should first visit the website to check that MassTech International is an appropriate service provider before approaching us to see if their chosen territory is available for licensing.  An exchange of information under a confidentiality agreement normally follows. 


Worldwide Customers

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