The National Work Group for Leak Detection Evaluation take existing leak detection systems and thoroughly check their EPA or other certifications before listing them as convenient one page documents on the web. Not all tests that pass certification to EPA, pass NWG. This certification is the most important certification to check when looking for certified companies.



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KWA Certification

Ken Wilcox and Associates is probably the best known of the third party evaluators and is certainly the most commonly used in the leak detection business.  They put the technology under test through a process prescribed by the US EPA and measure its ability to detect a given size of simulated leak.  Most technologies are tested at the 0.385 litres per hour level in accordance with a US standard that has been adopted worldwide.  This certification is often termed EPA certification.



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EPA Certification

The United States Environmental Protection Agency does not certify leak or contamination detection systems but the term EPA certification is often used as shorthand for third party certification to EPA protocol



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Certifications of the equipment

MassTech International equipment is built in an ISO 9000 quality assured environment and is calibrated to UK National Physical Laboratory pressure standards. Calibration documents for any sensor are available on demand. Equipment calibration is valid for two years only before requiring checking and re-calibration


Health, Safety, and Security & Environment accreditation


Test Certification

Every valid MassTech International test is individually and remotely analysed by dedicated analysts whose work is randomly checked by a MassTech International director. There is a permanent audit trail from the original data of the test, normally comprising around 4000 lines of data, to the final detailed analysis.


Technician Certification

MassTech International’s licensed technicians are trained in the classroom and in the field and must pass a rigorous examination. Technicians are certified for two years only before requiring re-examination. Following qualification during each and every test that the technician carries out there are many checks on technician performance resulting in a quality measure for each technician for each test.


Official MassTech Tank Testing Trainer Certification


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